Probleem omschrijving
My Norman product informs me that many of the web pages I visit contain a malware with the name JS/Psyme.AKH.

Probleem oplossing
The reason for this issue is a so called “False Positive” on a specific JavaScript on certain pages.

This issue has been resolved and by updating your Norman product you should also resolve any further issues.

To verify that your Norman product is updated, you can check the date on the “Scanner Engine version”. For Norman Virus Control, Norman Security Suite, Norman Endpoint Protection users this can be done by right clicking on the Norman icon in the button right corner and selecting “Update Status”.
If the timestamp on “Scanner Engine” is newer than “2011/04/12 07:00” your Norman product has been updated with the corrected definition file.

Published On: 12-04-11|Categories: nieuws|

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